Membership Committee

LVP Membership Committee Description

Membership Committee Responsibilities include:
  • Greets members at meetings and ensures that members sign in
  • Prepares New Member Application & New Member Orientation packets
  • Guides new members through the application process
  • Reviews & approves New Member Applications
  • Introduces new members to others to foster networking
  • Conducts New Member Orientation
  • Makes follow-up phone calls to members
  • Records & reports meeting attendance
  • Answers any questions about LVP
  • Cleans up after meetings
  • Submits monthly article to the LVP Communicator
  • Assists the LVP Executive Chair with membership concerns
  • Serves as liaison with PA CareerLink Lehigh Valley staff.

Membership Status:

Active - currently looking for employment, have their resumes posted on the LVP website and/or come to meetings
Alumni - were Active members, have found employment and are not looking for employment, do not have their resume on the LVP website, and stay connected through the group through the group email to receive email, send answers to questions and email job leads

Inactive - not an active participant in LVP, do not have resume on the website, and are not connected to the group through email.