Networking at LVP

At least 60% - some report even higher statistics - of all jobs are found by networking.” So if you are looking for a job, doesn’t it make sense to put aside your fears and network? Think of networking as simply connecting information between two or more people. You do it every day. So make networking an important part of your job search.

LVP has time for networking at every Friday morning meeting. In addition, focus groups and committees meet often and also foster a networking environment.

Bimonthly networking events, called “Networking at Nite”, are held after work hours so that LVP members, alumni, hiring managers, recruiters and connectors can meet informally and exchange information that may be helpful to finding a job or job candidate. These events are well attended and have directly help people land jobs. Learn more and Register for Networking at Nite.

Etiquette of Networking

Do –
  • Arrive on time
  • Introduce yourself and shake hands firmly but not crushing
  • Be prepared to give your 30 second speech
  • Invite others into the conversation
  • Exchange business cards when both of you can benefit
  • Ask if you can set up an informational meeting to follow up
Don’t –
  • Hog the conversation
  • Ask for favors without returning them
  • Hand out business cards and leave

Learn more do’s and don’ts at the weekly LVP meetings.