Program Committee

The Program Committee of Lehigh Valley Professionals is committed to arranging Program Presentations from high caliber volunteer speakers on the full range of topics to provide our members with cutting edge skills, strategies, resources, and inspiration to employ in their job searches. To this end, we will:
  • Stay abreast of the latest developments in the Local, National and Global Job Markets for 21st Century Jobs, Sustainable Economy Jobs, etc.
  • Promote the Lehigh Valley Professionals Mission, preparing speakers to address current membership needs in every presentation.
  • Develop and attend to a Program cycle of presentations that should be repeated from time to time, eg, Focus Group, or some other group process work, at least once per month, Mock Interviews twice a year, Health Care, Financial Planning, Civil Service, annually.
  • Get regular feedback from members on speaker effectiveness, needed topics, speaker recommendations. Develop a survey format that will provide a reliable metric tool to rate programs on a weekly basis.
  • Maintain a current and accurate Master Schedule Spreadsheet to be posted to LVP Executive Committee Members as changes are made. (Include a box for survey rating score?)
  • Develop relationships with presenters.
  • Send a weekly agenda with program, training, and current announcements to the membership via yahoo-group e-mails.
  • Assist with getting relevant program presentations posted for members review on LVP’s website archive.