How to Update a Member Account

Update a Member Website Account

This is for the LVP Membership Committee.  If you need to update a member's website account contact the IT/Web Committee.

The trick to updating a member is actually finding where to make the updates.  Here is the summary:

  1. Search for the user using the Search Box.
  2. Hit the User tab to change the search from content to user.
  3. Click on the found user to get to their account page
  4. Hit the Edit tab to begin your changes.
  5. Hit the "LVP Member Profile" sub-tab to open up the Member Profile editting.

Here is the complete process:

Search for the User

After sign-in enter the member email, or a portion of it, in the search box (upper right corner of the page) and press the eyeglass icon

User Search

The result will be a failed search.  This is normal.

Make it a User Search

Then press the "User" tab to change the search from content to a User search.

User Search

Go to the Account Page

Once the user is displayed in the results, click on the user id/email address.

Get to User

Edit the Account

This will take you to the account screen for that user.  Now you want to Edit the account.

Update the User

Edit the LVP Member Profile

You probably don't want to change the actual account settings.  Rather you will want to update the account LVP Member Profile.  You do this by clicking on the "LVP Member Profile" tab.

Update user profile

Update the Member Info

Now you are finally where you can make the changes!

The Member Profile

Update any of the fields needed.  Then be sure to hit the "Save" button to record your changes.