You Have Landed

Congratulations on your landing. Although you are moving on to another phase of your life, we in LVP still need your help. We understand that this “transition period” was not the best time in your life. We recognize that you would like to forget about this time and move on. However, the job search and networking skills that you learned are life skills . We have always talked in our meetings about the following:
  • "Networking for life."
  • "80% of all jobs come through networking."
  • "The number is even higher for higher level positions."
We ask you to continue to grow your LVP Network and stay involved with LVP in some of the following ways:
  • Continue to send us job leads, especially in your new company
  • Continue to refer friends who need the help that LVP can provide
  • Make yourself available to members who can use your insight on specific professions or specific companies
  • Continue to open doors to employment opportunities for LVP members at the company where you currently work
  • Continue to provide advice to LVP leadership to make LVP the best that it can be
  • Keep our members in your network
  • Please remember that we are here if you need us in the future

After you have landed, you may want to scale back your LVP commitment as described in the various headings below.

I Have Landed Message:  Share your good news by sending an email to and tell us that you have landed and where. Share the story of your success in terms of how you found employment. In addition, send us any new contact information. We will include you on our special LVP Alumni Email Distribution List.

LVP Database: There is information about you in the LVP membership records and available on the web site. Please keep this information up to date to aid in future networking.  Please enter the company where you are currently employed. Please enter the email address that you will be using going forward. Considering the Membership Status field:

  • Active: You are still in job search mode and will continue to receive and send emails to the group.
  • Alumni: You have ended your job search. You will continue to receive and send emails to the group.

LVPPNG Yahoo Group: LVP’s primary communications source for email is our Yahoo Group ( This is where all of the email comes from. If ALL of the individual email messages are too much for you, there are other options, all controlled by you.

Here is what you can do:
  1. Sign on to
  2. Select the LVP Group (LVPPNG)
  3. Select “Edit Membership” at the top
  4. Under Message Delivery, select the option that best suits you
  • Individual Email -- Choose this option to get each group message and special notice individually and immediately, as it is posted. This keeps you in touch at the highest level.
  • Daily Digest -- Choose this option to see all messages but limit the amount of email you receive. We'll compile an email of up to 25 messages and send daily. Attachments are not included with this option.
  • Web Only -- Don't get notified of the latest happenings. You must read the messages by going to YahooGroups.Com yourself. We hope that this is the minimum option to choose as you can still SEND us notices of job opportunities and special advice on our job searches.

These options can be changed by you at any time. If this email really bothers you, please still read our monthly LVP Communicator issue, where we summarize what is currently happening in your LVP. This is posted at the beginning of each month on the LVP Web Site (

Staying in Touch and Helping Out: Whether you remain Active or Alumni or you elect to not receive regular email messages, please give something back to the LVP network and look to the LVP group to fill openings in your new company. Send notices of job openings to  And, a poem that makes the point...

Each year,
As travelers made their way
Through the wilderness,
They would stumble upon a certain cabin.
Here, a sign hung
From the door.
“Welcome. What we have
Is yours to share.
Make use of what you find.
Take what you need.
Eat, rest and be warm.
All we ask is that you
Restock the Woodpile

For those who follow."